The Cast

For privacy reasons, the names have been changed, but these are the people you will read about:

Will – My latest ex, lasted 23 days away from 2 years.

Forbidden Fruit – The gay guy I had a crush on while attending community college.

Anna and Nathan – The first couple I had several threesomes with.

Sarah – The girl that helped me discover my true sexuality as bi, also got me my first toy.

James – One of my friends I gave a blowjob to before he left for the Marines. We haven’t really talked since.

M – The gay guy that used to get very friendly with me.

Jenny – A girl I went to high school with that I got somewhat closer to while going to college.

Mari – A cute guy I had a math class with, who also cammed with Forbidden Fruit and I.

Ian – A long distance friend that only knows the “nice” me.

Toby – My first fuck buddy (even though he wasn’t a buddy). He took my virginity by tricking me into having sex. I was not happy, but have gotten over it.

Maya – My closest female friend from high school.

Eric – Forbidden Fruit’s best friend who exchanged oral with me a couple of times.

Leah – A girl I went to college with, we messed around a bit, but not much.

The T – Leah’s best friend. Taught me how to put on a condom, and showed me what good sex was like (during the Toby fiasco).

Lucy – The girl Will used to give rides to and from work. I hated every day they did that.

D – My latest friend with benefits, after Will. The guy I had sex with in the woods at college once.

Brad- D’s room mate (who had a threesome with us a couple of times).

CB (Country Boy) – A guy I had phone sex with several times.

Salien – A guy I met on Facebook and Match. We have decided to just be friends, though we had a ton in common. We have had sex once.

J – A guy I met on Craigslist. He is probably the most confusing one, always so up and down with me. One days he’s talking to me, the next he’s silent for months

Ginger – A guy from work, I have a huge crush on. He no longer works with me, but we are starting to hang out. Not sure if it will be more than friends, or strictly platonic.

Give me some love.

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