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Walking around, I can feel my wetness. I am so wet that I can feel my lips slide against each other, heightening my senses. I squeeze my upper thighs together, my clit being stimulated by the squeezing. I tighten my … Continue reading

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A build up of events the last week and a half had left me feeling broken. Lack of sleep had helped put me in kind of a depression. I was unmotivated to do anything besides sleep and play video games. … Continue reading

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Easy to Read

I have always been a bad liar. I am even worse at hiding my emotions (situation pending). Lately this has become a problem, leading to some very awkward discussions and weired out coworkers. My coworkers know how to push the … Continue reading

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So, as I mentioned on a tweet or two, I got switched from graveyard shift to swing shift. Swing shift happens to be the same shift as Toby. If you are a new reader, Toby is the guy that took … Continue reading

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Attention Whore

I have recently discovered that I am kind of an attention whore. I love attention. Recently the security guys at work discovered how jumpy I was, so now they take every opportunity to scare me. I enjoyed the attention a … Continue reading

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An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness

Last Wednesday, on my Friday, I was tired of the “Girl Boner” problem I was having. No amount of masturbation was helping. I was desperate, so I charged the batteries to my wireless bullet and put it in my panties, … Continue reading

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So, there is this amazingly gorgeous, hot, and single guy at work. We kinda talk, joke around. Recently he discovered how jumpy I am, so he always takes up on the opportunity to scare me. I really want to ask … Continue reading

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We mentioned a quickie in our texting last week, but at the time we didn’t have enough time to be that quick. He said that if I was lucky, on Sunday he would come over after he got off work, … Continue reading

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Cumming Attractions

When I started my blog back up again, I reposted all of my old blog entries as well as read through them all. Several posts fascinated me, particularly the ones about my wireless bullet being used at work. The other … Continue reading

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The Break Up

On October 31, 2011, Will broke up with me. He felt like I was getting in the way of his job. It started with him coming up to me on the night of the 29th and telling me that the … Continue reading

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