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Spring Cleaning

I did a little cleaning when I got home from work today. I cleaned out and organized my toy drawer, as I noticed it was getting way too full and cluttered. I was getting tired of having to dig to … Continue reading

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I have a bunch of half finished posts to write. I have tried to steer toward real life posts, things that have actually happened, but nothing too eventful. Most of the posts I am meaning to finish are some filler … Continue reading

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Toy Box

Last night I decided to rearrange my toys. Not to say I have too many, because you can never have too many toys. Before I moved and rearranged everything, they were just a jumbled mess in my smallest drawer, with … Continue reading

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My First Vibrator

After prom I went straight home. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but the guy I went with was a freshmen and just a friend. I later found out that he only went with me because his mom … Continue reading

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