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Raw Lust

**Yesterday’s post was very unsexy, I know, but I needed to say it. If you are still reading my stuff, I am glad to know that I haven’t scared you off. As a treat, here’s a bit of erotica, a … Continue reading

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Sweet Awakening (The End of a Dry Spell)

Last week September, I had just gotten in bed and was just settling down for sleep when I got a text. It was from D and I hadn’t heard from him in over a year. He asked me how I … Continue reading

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“I want to fucking ravish you,” I texted D. We were talking about how horny we were, and how much we wanted each other. At this point I was kind of over my “No more NSA.” D was and probably … Continue reading

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Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex

We all know that sex is a wonderful thing. It can bring on a great rush of adrenaline, euphoria, and many other good for you hormones. It can put you in a great mood, and depending on your surroundings it … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday – Gettin’ Off

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are about gettin’ off. When you need it, you just gotta get it anyway you can.  (For those who are innocent babies “IT” is sex) Gettin’ Off 1. Have you ever initiated a booty call? … Continue reading

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Birthday Sex

Eight days before my birthday and I could not stop thinking about how horny I was and how long it had been since the last time I had sex. It had been over 5 months and I missed it. I … Continue reading

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Reader Question – What Sexual Act or Feeling Have I Enjoyed the Most

As I said in my last post, a reader asked me a couple of questions to help give me writing inspiration. This questions asks, “What sexual act or feeling have you had that you enjoyed most? And which act/feeling that … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday – The Thrills and Comfort of Sex

The Comfort and Thrill of Sex 1. How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)? a. I love it. b. I enjoy it. c. I’m ok with it. d. I don’t really enjoy … Continue reading

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So, as I mentioned on a tweet or two, I got switched from graveyard shift to swing shift. Swing shift happens to be the same shift as Toby. If you are a new reader, Toby is the guy that took … Continue reading

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Riding My Pet Pony

As promised, here is the story I wrote with one of my Twitter followers. I had a great time writing it with him, and I look forward to writing something again sometime. The parts that I wrote are in red, … Continue reading

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