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Lips – Part 1

I have always had a fondness for my lips. They have always been smooth, and when I was way younger I believed that they were so smooth because I had never been kissed. I love that they still stay smooth, … Continue reading

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Sinful Sunday – Browsing

I was browsing through my sent mail and found some VERY naughty pictures. They were pictures that I thought I had lost during my brief period of not blogging. I got very wet and excited when I saw these, remembering … Continue reading

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An End to Something Bad, the Start of Something Good

This last Monday I put a stop to the Toby situation. I hope. He picked me up in the morning after he got off work and we went to his house. Things seemed to be better and hotter before. He … Continue reading

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Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made … Continue reading

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Thank You, Cum Again

I was horny, thanks to Anna and Nathan. When they left, my mom was home by then, so I had no time to masturbate because I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught. I wore the wireless bullet … Continue reading

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Dresss Up

I have always been a fan of dressing up. I love to go shopping for new clothes, and looking for cute outfits. I also like dressing up in the bedroom. My main goal is to someday own a school girl … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon I was feeling exceptionally frisky. I was thinking about how much I wanted to be able to use my rabbit vibrator, but it was always too big. I know that over the past few months I have been … Continue reading

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