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The Right One

I learned a very valuable lesson with the last guy I dated, however I just now realized it. I learned why people say they will “try something with the right person.” We all have fantasies. Some are more kinky than … Continue reading

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Porn I Like

My liking for porn varies. At times it is something I need to get me off (like lately) and other times it was a nice addition to my self playtime. As far as the media type, I prefer video. In … Continue reading

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Heads or Tails

This is a post I wrote several years ago but never posted because the other girl involved did not feel comfortable with it, in fear that someone would guess who it was. I figure enough time has passed (and I … Continue reading

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Name Calling

One thing that always creeped me out was saying someone‚Äôs name during sexual activities. I get especially turned off at the idea of hearing my own name during sex. I just have never liked my name. Though, I also have … Continue reading

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Review Big Flirt

In May the awesome people at Babeland sent me something to review. Huge apologies for this being so late in posting, but I hope its better late than never. I had just been so busy, not giving me the time … Continue reading

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It started with her rolling over and grabbing my waist. She then leans over me, and without ¬†hesitations she buries her face nice my neck. She bites and nibbles all over, She starts scratching her finger nails all over my … Continue reading

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Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made … Continue reading

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