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Bedtime Story – Part 2

She wanted him. It had only been an hour since their climax, but she wanted more, needed to be filled again. She felt her lady parts turn hot and swell with need. Speaking of need, she could tell from the … Continue reading

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Bedtime Story – Part 1

When Will and I were together, he had a thing for furry stuff, which eventually turned into a sexual hang up for him. He could not be turned on mentally unless he pictured furry/pokemon type scenes, instead of being turned … Continue reading

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Everytime I have sex with D, I think I come closer and closer to having an orgasm, whether it’s vaginal or gspot, I am not sure. This past Friday was no exception. Sitting against D, he whispers in my ear … Continue reading

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Lately, my body has been filled with an aching need, with cravings of intimacy, wishing to feel his hand run smoothly up and down my body, eventually seeking out the parts that crave the most attention. My nipples, my clitoris, … Continue reading

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Phone Sex

The last few weeks of my winter break from school were spent house sitting. I have never felt comfortable doing anything naughty there. This is mostly just my paranoia that someone would know, and it just wasn’t comfortable to do … Continue reading

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Mini Threesome

Wednesday night Anna and Nathan came over at about six. The plan was to watch Wall-e. They brought Wall-e and Don’t Mess with the Zohan. We behaved wonderfully throughout Wall-e. There was no sexual tension whatsoever and we paid attention … Continue reading

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A Weekend of Firsts

So far this weekend has been a weekend full of firsts for me. I think it all started at the mall on Thursday afternoon. Forbidden Fruit, the girl in the couple that asked me to threesome with her and her … Continue reading

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The Words We Use in Dirty Talk

The other night as I cybered with my friend, I really wanted to use the “C” word. I have never used the word “cunt” before, but for some reason I had the urge to use it. I ended up not … Continue reading

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This is probably very wrong and mean, but I love to tease online. My favorite thing to do is get the person I am talking to (most often male) horny as hell. Some of these guys are more fun to … Continue reading

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