Sinful Sunday – Memory Lane

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of black and white television. In fact, I still kind of avoid it to this day. However, I am learning to appreciate pictures with a black and white edit, especially naughty ones.

My boobs seemed to be such a hit last week, I will share them again, only this time I found a pic from a while ago when I still had my piercings.


Sinful Sunday

About Sweeten Dirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 31 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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17 Responses to Sinful Sunday – Memory Lane

  1. understandingflutterby says:

    Boobs always get well received 🙂 I like this shot, it’s understated, and the b&w edit adds to that


  2. KaziG says:

    Lovely! I like B&W edits myself; they bring out elements in the shadows that might be otherwise missed 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Fbian says:

    My they suit you !! Love piercings !!

  4. Really beautiful photo.

    Many of my photos that are turned into B&W version look much better than the original color ones 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Molly says:

    I am a big fan of black and white, it is especially good when you want to emphasis form and have is distracted from with colour etc…. and boobs are always a good thing in my book


  6. The Sin Doll says:

    I small barbells just like that. Lovely picture.

  7. beck03 says:

    I love black and white. Boobs are always amazing!

  8. Do you like silent television?

    • Sweetendirty says:

      Honestly not really. I have seen snippets here and there that can be amusing, but its not something I will seek out or watch for long periods of time. Then again, maybe I haven’t been introduced to the right show.

  9. I love the way that the black and white allows us to focus on the texture and form.

  10. 1humbleguy says:

    Nice photo! The smaller piercings are nice and don’t take away from what’s important.

  11. Oh I don’t have . . . but always like looking . . . and wondering, “what if?”
    Xxx – K

  12. mariasibylla says:

    I love black and white photography, this lovely photo just reinforces that.

  13. As a big fan of quite a few black and white television shows, I can say with 100% honesty that if the 1959 Twilight Zone series had been allowed to show boobs their ratings would have been higher.

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