TMI Tuesday – Pain and Pleasure

This week’s TMI Tuesday theme and questions come from Bi and Bi.
Pain and Pleasure
1. Which do you enjoy more in bed, pain or pleasure?

I definitely prefer pleasure, both giving and receiving. The only time I have experienced pain during sexual activities was from things that shouldn’t have been painful.

2. Do you like being tickled during sex? Where?

I am not sure on this one. Probably not, though I think it could make a good foreplay. I am way too ticklish and squirm around a lot.

3. Have you ever used feathers during sex?

I haven’t, though I think it could be super fun.

4. Do you like to be blindfolded during sex? Why?

I think I would enjoy this (it hasn’t happened yet sadly). Being blindfolded is big on my fantasy wishlist.

5. Have you ever used cold or heat as part of your sex play? What provided the cold or heat?

I have not, but I would love to try it sometime. I would love to have ice and a warm drink on hand and switch between the two when giving oral.

6. Do you enjoy being spanked, giving spankings, or both?

I think I am gonna have to say no on this one. I do enjoy giving and receiving little playful spanks that you can barely feel, but heavy spanking kind of scares me.

7. Do you have a safeword? Have you ever used it?

I once had the safeword of “tricycle” during a threesome, but none of us ever used it. It more became an inside joke between the three of us to remind us of the good time.

Bonus: Tell us in 3-4 sentences the most painful or pleasurable sexual experience you have had.

The most pleasurable, yet almost painful sexual experience is when I had that g-spot orgasm. I was laughing and crying all at once. The pleasure was so intense it almost hurt, I felt like exploding at one point.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


About Sweetendirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 26 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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One Response to TMI Tuesday – Pain and Pleasure

  1. Your answer to #1 is very telling. We’re not big fans of pain during sex, beyond occasional light, playful spankings. But it occurred to me that, given the lack of formal sexual education in the schools, we run the risk of young people – women especially – not realizing that sex is supposed to be pleasurable. This, coupled with the stigma a certain segment of the population is attempting to attach to recreational sex, is going to have serious consequences in the future.

    Can’t comment on using cold during sex as the recipient, but I’ve been the giver, using ice, and we both had a great time with it. Definitely try it if you have the opportunity.

    Love your use of the safeword as a reminder after the fact. Very sexy and fun.

    I’m pretty sure Jill counts G-spot orgasms amongst her most pleasurable experiences. I love them too. Making her cum that was is so incredble.

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