Good Sex

I was talking to a girl in my art class one day (several years ago), who also happened to be my neighbor and friend that hung out with my group in the cafeteria. I told her how much I hated the sex with Toby, but enjoyed the thrill of the moment, even though afterwards I felt like shit. That is when she told me that I just need to have good sex.

I told her thats great, but I don’t know anyone else that will have sex with me. She told me about The T. The T was one of her close friends, and knew how to pleasure a woman. He could not get off unless she got off. She also said she was willing to host us, and that we could stay over at her place.

A few nights later, I went over to her place to meet The T. He seemed nice, but I wasn’t quite comfortable enough to do anything sexual. We did kiss a bit, and I have to say, it was not bad. I was horny, but not ready. He understood and respected that, so we decided to try for next time.

The next time the three of us got together, we made a safeword (tricycle). We also planned how we would do things (her room, her bed, she would come in and watch once in a while, maybe join in). She asked me if he could fuck her too, or just me. I preferred that he just fuck me. She was fine with that.

I went home to get my bag of goodies (something sexy to wear, bullet, and strap on with Raquel), and told my mom that I was going to stay next door for the night.

To be continued…


About Sweetendirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 26 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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