Product Review: Ella

I love products by Lelo. They always have a sleek and beautiful design. My newest product I have received from Babeland, made by Lelo, is the Ella. I have fallen in love with it.

Like all Lelo products, it comes packaged in a designed to fit box. Inside the box is a plastic molding and covering for the toy. Fitting perfectly inside is the Ella. Lift up the molding to find a satin-like pouch for storage of the Ella, product information booklet (giving tips and tricks for the toy, as well as advice on cleaning and product specs. Also inside is the warranty information from Lelo, as well as an advertisement booklet with pictures of other Lelo products.

Although Ella is made from silicone, it is suggested to keep from extreme heat (this means don’t boil it for sterilization as you would for other silicone products). The best method for cleaning, as suggested in the booklet, is hot water and antibacterial soap. Since it is silicone, you want to keep it away from silicone lubricants, preferably using something water based.

The Ella is designed as a two sided dildo, one side designed for G-Spot stimulation, the other for traditional vaginal stimulation. Sadly for me, as with every other G-Spot specified toys, the G-Spot side of the toy didn’t do much for me. However, it still felt good having it inside me as I stimulated myself and reached orgasm.

I will add the Ella to my list of favorite toys. Even though the G-Spot side didn’t have the intended effects, the G-Spot side was my favorite side, with the way it seemed to fit perfectly inside of me. Thank you Babeland for giving me the opportunity to review a product by one of my favorite companies.

About Sweeten Dirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 31 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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