Thank You, Cum Again

I was horny, thanks to Anna and Nathan. When they left, my mom was home by then, so I had no time to masturbate because I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught. I wore the wireless bullet to work, thinking it would be a fun change of pace. I had that right.

My best friend was working graveyard that night too, so she picked me up. I know she hates when I talk to her about the stuff that I do, the stuff I think about, but I try and push it. I told her about my bullet. She thought I was sick.

Virtually silent in the warm, wet folds, I walked around cleaning the casino with the vibrator on. I would turn it off quickly when I felt myself getting a little too excited, or when I had to talk to a customer or employee. It would have been wrong if I did otherwise.

The best stimulation I got was when I walked, the vibrator purring between my legs. I noticed though, about three hours into my eight hour shift, that my batteries were dying. I clocked out for my lunch and walked over to the gas station where my friend was working. I grabbed something to buy for lunch, and added some AAA batteries as well. She knew why I was getting them, but wanted to see what I would say, so she asked me what they were for. I quickly responded by telling her they were for my flashlight for when we cleaned the bar. I don’t have a flashlight, but sometimes they are needed for cleaning that bar.

After lunch I clocked back, went to the bathroom and changed my batteries. It was time to do the bar, and I really started to feel the stimulation as I lifted the chairs onto their tables. Through out the night I teased myself, just by walking and having the vibe on.

That morning when I got home, I masturbated not once, but twice. I came once, hard, with my glass dildo going in and out of me as my bullet rubbed my clit. I didn’t even have to thrust the dildo in and out as I came, the contractions of my pussy pushed the dildo out, and when the end hit my hand, it would automatically go back inside.

I came that once, and I was loud. I don’t know if I said that I was a moaner before, but I am definitely a moaner with potential for screaming. My mom was at work so I got to be as loud as I wanted. When I was done with my first orgasm, I just wasn’t satisfied. I needed to cum again. Within five minutes I was reaching another climax.


About Sweetendirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 26 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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