Dresss Up

I have always been a fan of dressing up. I love to go shopping for new clothes, and looking for cute outfits. I also like dressing up in the bedroom. My main goal is to someday own a school girl outfit. There is just something about that plaid mini skirt and white button up shirt, along with wearing pigtails.

A few months ago I bought a French maid teddy. I have only really worn it once, as I have no one to dress up for. I really wanted to get the school girl outfit then, but it was a little out of my price range.

I have also been a big fan of sexy negligees and lingerie. The other day at the mall I saw a sale I couldn’t resist. I also saw some really cute panties that I couldn’t resist. I never really cared too much about underwear, since no one sees it but me, but I had to. I got three pairs, as it was three for thirty dollars. Yes, I know it is expensive, and way more than I have ever paid for only three pairs. I mean, I can get a pack of ten panties for a third of that price. Still, they were adorable. I will even post pictures at the end.

Today though, I went all out. I hung out with one of my friends, and we decided to go to the “lover’s boutique.” They have many, many outfits, costumes, and lots of sexy lingerie sets to wear. They also have a very nice collection of toys. We have two sex shops around here, and this one is more couple friendly. The other one is very shady.

Anyways, I found the glass dildos and fell in love. I decided I had to have one. That was forty bucks to my tab, but that was perfect for my price range. I walked around, and saw a lot of toys I always wanted to buy online but never could afford. One I saw was way smaller than I imagined (We-Vibe), and the other was way bigger than I had imagined (The Cone).

I asked the sales associates about wireless bullets, with the idea of putting the bullet in my panties and giving forbidden fruit the remote. They had them on sale for half off. I was going to get one, even had the box in my hand. At least I did until I saw the cutest negligee. It was two pieces, a thong and a see through top (long, about to mid thighs) and built in bra. I thought for a minute, and decided to put the bullet back. I took the outfit and asked the cashier if I could try it on, as they had fitting rooms.

It fit perfectly. It even made me look slimmer, and way more comfortable with myself, as I am not the most comfortable person with my body. Because it fit so well, I was hesitant to put it back and forget about it. It was fifty bucks, but it could so be worth it in times like the threesome I will be going to. I got the set and the glass dildo, which came with its own pillow pouch.

So now, I ask you, my readers. What do you like to dress up in or have your partner wear? Where online do you like to shop for these things? What do you fantasize about wearing or seeing someone wear? I would love to hear your feedback.


About Sweetendirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 26 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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