I am jealous of anyone who has any fair amount of sensitivity in their nipples. Because, for me, I have little to no feeling at all in them. Someone has to suck as hard as one can suck to make me feel the slightest hint of sensation. And biting does nothing for me. Its horrible. Someone will do something with my nipple, and they show me what they did using my arm and it hurt. So why can’t I feel my nipples?

This is why I have been thinking lately about getting them pierced. One of two things could happen if I do this. Piercings could totally reverse my problem, making them super sensitive, or I could lose any feeling at all, in that case it won’t really matter.

I talked to someone close to me who has had them pierced a few times, and she said that basically they are cute but a pain in the ass. That is kind of discouraging, because seriously, who do I have to show off to? I mean, I don’t want them to be visible and completely obvious to the unknowing eye.

However, just because I am really not sensitive on my nipples, doesn’t mean I don’t like stimulation attempted. I will catch myself playing with them unknowingly. Pinching them, pulling on them, rolling them. It does nothing for me, but I still do it. I like to have someone suck on them, feel them all over, like they are trying to tune into a really good radio station with a bad connection.

I like to play with other people’s nipples. I like to suck on them, gently bite them, run my tongue all around them. I like this done to me, but it just has to be a bit rougher. Surprisingly, putting a vibrator to them doesn’t do anything for me. However, just possibly, that does not mean someone else putting a vibrator to them wouldn’t do anything. I have never really had anyone try.

So anyways, I would love for anyone’s advice on nipple piercing. Is it normal to have such insensitive nipples? Could piercing turn everything around?


About Sweetendirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 26 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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