Toy Box

Last night I decided to rearrange my toys. Not to say I have too many, because you can never have too many toys. Before I moved and rearranged everything, they were just a jumbled mess in my smallest drawer, with the most used toys on top and the least used/never used toys on the back and on the bottom of the drawer.

I took some recent boxes I had from my most recent Amazon purchases and tore the flaps off. Then I switched my jeans that don’t fit from the big dresser to the empty dresser drawer I had made from taking out all my toys. Perfect fit.
I set the boxes inside the newly emptied drawer and began to sort. I connected bullets to their remotes, cleaned and jelly toys that seemed sticky (by the way, can anyone tell me why jelly toys get sticky? Is there any way to prevent it? Cleaning helped, but I have a feeling they will eventually end up sticky again).

Next came the organizing inside the drawer. Inside one box I neatly arranged my dildos, and in the other I neatly arranged my bullets. Now, most of the dildos I own I cannot use because, well, obviously I can’t unless they are skinny enough to not hurt when inserted. I didn’t realize this at the time when I bought them, but some of them still make nice vibrations on my clit. Bullets, on the other hand, are my favorites. I am absolutely hooked on them. They fit perfectly between my pussy lips and on my clit. Those went into the other box.

Next to the boxes I placed my movies I like to watch while I masturbate. Under the movies went the magazines (which just don’t get me to cum as much as the movies can, but they still can get me horny.

In the front left corner of my drawer I placed a small gum box (one of those boxes that hold 12 packs of 16 pieces of gum). Inside the box I neatly arranged my condom collection. These I haven’t ever needed to use, but I have them in case I do decide to go to the next level and have sex….They will probably expire before I am ready. But, they also come in handy when/if I ever use my dildos.

And of course, in the middle of it all, I have my Hitachi magic wand. It’s nice to have around for when I want a quick orgasm or don’t have any charged batteries, and I can just simply plug it in.

However, within the next week or so I will be receiving more toys that I ordered this weekend, so I have a feeling that my drawer will no longer be as organized.

Below are my two favorites: A glass wand and a bullet. Together they are amazing. The pink swirls on the glass dildo are raised and they are amazing inside. The bottom of the dildo has a ring and it is perfect for putting a small bullet inside or my finger to pump it in and out of me.
Next is the end result of my organizing:


About Sweetendirty

I am a super sweet and very dirty 26 year old bi girl. I love to share my stories about the dirty and naughty things I do and the things I want to do.
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